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Fishing excursions

Rock fishing in the Bay

In the great Capo Verdian tradition of sport and sustainability, the Maximus is proud to be the only catamaran in the area to offer fishing as part of its excursions. Our team travels to the best areas for rock fishing in the bay of Sal Rei. We provide professional fishing rods, bait and fishing guidance so your chances of catching the best and most delicious fish is guaranteed. Whether you're a beginner or an expert fisherman, your trip will leave a lasting impression and a new found knowledge of this beloved Capo Verdian sport.

Big-game fishing adventure

In the spirit of Ernest Hemingway and big game fishing heroes, Maximus provides a once in a lifetime fishing adventure like no other. We travel to the deep sea where one comes face to face with the ocean's greatest giants: tuna, whahoo, sera, barracuda, swordfish. We bring you world class professional equipment and you bring the strength and fighter spirit to enter the battle of man vs. fish!

Profitez du calme de la navigation à la voile

Profitez du calme de la navigation à la voile